Best Watch Brands – Your wristwatch should meet your specific requirements — your style, taste, preferences, profession, and budget among other things.

In short, your watch should match your personality. However, with so many watch brands and models available, getting a perfect timepiece that match to your personality type and budget is not easy.

If you are a serious watch lover, this article is for you. In this post we’ve picked the best watch brands, ranked them by price range — starting from the most affordable watches (as less as $10) to the most expensive luxury watch brands (as much as 10000$). Here are the 35 most popular watch brands:

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A. Best Watch Brands – Price Range: under $50

1) Casio Watches, $10+

Casio G100-1BV mens-watch-review-hubnet

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Yes, you can own this Casio MRW200H 1BV Black Resin Watch for little over $10. Headquartered in Japan, Casio started its watchmaking journey in November 1974 with Casiotron, an electronic wristwatch. Casio followed it with 31-CS10B, which introduced CASIO LCD wristwatches to buyers.

Casio introduced several watch models later, each backed by technologies to serve set purposes. The G-SHOCK, for example, was introduced In April 1983. G-SHOCK was the first of its kind in shock absorption and became a signature product of the brand worldwide.

The current G-SHOCK collection retains the sturdiness that makes it ideal for rougher terrains, harsher marine and aerial conditions. Variations in colors, band material, and utilities, make for an extensive collection under this range.

Some models feature atomic timing utility for specified countries–the watch receives radio signals from authorized data transmission points at the specified countries and adjusts accordingly to display accurate time at the location.

There are multiple other features too, depending on the model, including backlight, solar power, LED light, sensor and timer, among others.

Bluetooth Sports Gear, featuring Bluetooth technology, caters to sports enthusiasts while Sports is ideal for athletes as well.

If you are looking for some environment-friendly timekeeping, you have the Pro Trek, which runs on solar power. The Wave Ceptor series is handy if you desire a chronograph on your device.

In addition to tough gear, Casio also has several collections for daily wear and casual occasions. Casio has a range of bestseller timepieces in their respective range making it one of the best watch brands in the world.

2) Armitron Watches, $15+

womens-Armitron 752433BLK Diamond-watch

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If you are looking for a watch that does its job, lasts long, and is available at an affordable price, then Armitron could impress you. However, if you are a watch connoisseur in search of masterpieces in design and precision, Armitron may disappoint you.

Having been in the business since 1950, Armitron has been making affordable watches for 60 years now. Armitron’s men’s range showcases timepieces for every occasion, from daily wear to casual outings and special occasions. You can find watches that fit your needs across $45 to $155 price range.

Armitron’s watches come with solid colors and reliable features. You can find features such as stainless steel make; leather bands and bracelets; and utilities that include date display, chronograph etc., incorporated in these timepieces.

You could consider the Armitron skeleton dial range if a view of inner watch movements interests you. If you are a Quartz fan, the good news is that most Armitron watches use Japanese Quartz technology. Armitron’s range includes both digital and analog watches.

There is also a separate range of digital sports watches with features such as lap time, chronograph, good water resistance depth, and safe and durable design that a Sports Watch demands.

Armitron is a good buy if affordability and durability are your primary concerns when buying a watch.

3) Timex Watches, $20+

Timex T2N651 Unisex Watch Nylon Band

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Established in 1854, Timex is today the Timex Group, which deals in jewelry and watches. The company is headquartered in Connecticut, USA, and handles the design and production of its watches.

The Timex Waterbury collection is a commemorative model released to mark the company’s completion of 160 years in watchmaking. The INDIGLO night-light – a signature feature of Timex watches – is found in some models.

INDIGLO technology lends luminosity to the watch display making the entire dial clearly readable at nights. Most models come with a leather strap of varying colors. The chronograph models feature two sub-dials, date display and an analog quartz movement.

The Timex Expedition is an outdoor watch range built to withstand rougher terrains. Digital and analog models are available. A sturdy case design and multiple features including chronograph, INDIGLO night-light, time zone, alarm, compass, and timers, are highlights of this series.

For more features, there is the Intelligent Quartz range, which, specific to model, has a tidal level indicator, depth trackers, and a fly-back chronograph (a feature that enables the watch to complete three activities with one press of the button, instead of the standard three button presses–stop existing timer, reinitialize it to zero, and restart the timer anew).

The Metropolitan+ comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be linked virtually to your phone. The watch can operate without charging for more than a year.

Other prominent features include activity tracking capability, interchangeable leather straps of different colors, water resistance depth up to 50M, and INDIGLO night-light.

4) U.S. Polo Assn. Watches, $20+


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Primarily a sports apparel brand, U.S. Polo Assn., has in its portfolio a range of lifestyle accessories that includes watches. The company sells products sanctioned by United States Polo Association (USPA) – the official entity that has been regulating the Sport in USA since 1890.

The classic line of the brand has Quartz-powered models carrying mostly a polo pony symbol at 60 clock position. Depending on the model, rectangular or round faces; colored dials; digital or Arabic marker/ indices; leather straps or steel bracelets; luminous dial pointers; crown protector; stationary bezel; feature on the watches.

Distinctive dial designs make for an interesting classic collection; you can find simple and clean dials as well as dials sporting complicated designs such as basket-weave, sun-ray and linked-triangle patterns; other dial features include rectangular stick time-markers, and an outer seconds-indicating dial ring.

Models in the sports line come with an obvious rugged design, Quartz movement and some solid colors; you can find bold orange, tough blue and heavy white besides jet-black.

Collection is rendered diverse with different strap materials – bands of rubber, silicone and leather, and metal bracelets – and patterns –contrasting stitches, double textures, and silicone links, etc.

The U.S. Polo Assn. model-specific design features and complications in the sports range include chronograph, time display (dual time indicators can be seen on some models), luminous dial pointers, unidirectional rotating bezel, alarm, backlight, and digital sub-dials.

5) Akribos Watches, $20+

best watch brands-akribos

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Akribos watches can at best be described as colorful, trendy, functional and affordable. The range and variety of watches offered by the brand are large.

Each line targets audiences of specific interests and showcases multiple useful features to impress. Akribos’ range employs Quartz movements (Swiss/Japanese) predominantly.

If you prefer the practical convenience of a no-manual-winding-necessary timepiece, you have several options in Akribos’ models. If you are a lover of heavy watches, Akribos has an impressive array in its men’s collection to suit your taste.

From variation in colors and straps to inclusion of utilities, each model in the Akribos men’s collection has different features to offer. Some models come with a genuine leather strap in bold colors while some use a lustrous stainless steel bracelet.

Depending on the model, Akribos dials come in attractive colors including blue, black, grey, gunmetal and silver. You could also choose from models that come with utilities such as chronograph, water resistance, date and dual time.

With its large range of collection, bold colors, stylish look, durable design, and affordable pricing, Akribos definitely offers more for less. But, if you are in search of luxury watches that display exquisite craftsmanship in design and movement, and style and function, then Akribos may not be for you. Source: Akribos

6) Swatch Watches, $35

best watch brands-swatch

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Swatch was established in 1983 following the merger of two Swiss watchmaking companies, ASUAG and SSIH. The Brand formed its identity through affordable Swiss-made plastic watches of unconventional designs.

The contemporary Swatch catalogue retains the quirkiness along with some classic models. Swatch SISTEM51 was released in 2013; models feature a mechanical automatic self-winding movement, which translates into a non-battery watch that derives its energy to operate from the wearer’s wrist and hand movements.

Variations in Swatch SISTEM51 watches come in novel color combinations and designs; the SISTEM BLUE for example, sports a midnight black and blue color with a dot-and-map design accentuated by little red spots on a clean black dial.

The SISTEM GREEN is an aqua-green watch with orange dial markers and a silicone strap; the case back is see-through, revealing the watch movements inside.

The Swatch watch O-TINI might interest you if you prefer transparent models. An aqua-blue dial sports a white index design with a transparent bezel bearing blue markers, around it.

The dial is see-through, giving a view of the watch movements within. The dial pointers use Super-LumiNova technology, which make them clear at night. A blue plastic strap with a buckle clasp completes the watch design.

The Swatch AMORGOS watch is a different white-wading-through-yellow pattern. AMORGOS features a yellow dial and strap; a stretch of striking white runs from one end of the strap to the other touching the center of the dial on the way. Grey numerals and accents cover the dial.

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